KNC Holdings, Inc. is an Albany, NY based company that owns and operates a chain of retail businesses in the Capital Region. KNC has partnered with national brands such as Subway, and Mobil, in addition to its proprietary brand Clean2o Touchfree Car Wash. In addition, KNC also operates a wholesale and distribution business comprising of car wash soaps and E-85 ethanol. KNC was founded in February 1996.

While KNC was officially formed in 1996, it really started many years prior to that. In 1990, while still attending Siena College, its founder started the environmental clean up of his family owned radiator shop parcel, which was a former gas station located in Latham, NY across from Keeler Motor Car. Money was scarce and the clean up stalled many times over the years, too many to count. In early 1996, the property adjacent to the family parcel was put under contract to purchase to secure the whole corner on what is arguably one of the busiest intersections in the Albany area. The pieces were starting to come together.

After the adjacent parcel was secured we moved on to the financing stage of the project. Needless to say, banks weren't coming out of the woodwork to finance a project that contained two previously contaminated old gas stations with owners that had no actual retail experience. Through perseverance, we found a bank that not only actually listened but visited the site and saw our vision as a site that was a 'no-brainer'.

Construction started in March 1997. The facility contained a gas station, large convenience store, 3 bay automatic car wash and food service. The facility opened July 11, 1997 'with money coming in versus going out' (as we like to say). There were many instances over the 7 plus years where it would appear we may not make it but hard work paid off in the long run. KNC was officially in business with its first location, Airport Mobil.